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Monday, November 28, 2022

Keep up to date with what Maverick Medical Education is doing! We write stories on innovative medical trends, pain management techniques, and our courses.


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Too many of our population suffer with chronic migraines with little to no relief. While there are some home remedies that can ease the pain that comes with some headaches, it is worth considering an occipital nerve block for patients who are suffering from regular and persistent pain. The occipital nerve block is not only easy to learn in our Maverick Medical Education courses, but easy to administer to patients who are in need of relief.
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Maverick Medical Education is focused on helping medical providers learn advanced techniques to better serve their patients and communities with pain management and point of care ultrasound. Our fine-tuned education practices are intentionally chosen to ensure maximum delivery of our knowledge and skill set. We are confident that our students walk away from our courses able to put the skills learned in practice on their very next day at work.
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